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Service Description

We take every reasonable precaution to prevent damage to plants, shrubs, grass and trees. We have a team member who’s only job is to thoroughly wet down all plants, including grass, shrubs, and trees in the areas of cleaning. We may tarp certain areas that have delicate plants or items. We will rinse any areas that the cleaning solution comes into contact with (House, Siding, Gutters, Windows, Patio, ECT). There are factors that are out of our control that could lead to plant damage. A few are: Clogged down spouts, leaking gutters, No gutters, and/or excessive/overgrown plants. Things that cause the most issues with roof cleanings: Gutter guards—Many gutter guards do not properly drain into the gutters and cause addition runoff. Clean Gutters – Gutters not cleaned prior to Roof Cleanings. This is required. Things you can should do: —MOST IMPORTANT—If you have irrigation, turn it on 2 hours prior to our arrival. This will help to keep the ground and plants saturated and won’t absorb the cleaning solution. -The gutters MUST be cleaned prior to having your roof cleaned. If they aren’t clean prior to our roof cleaning– We will and a gutter cleaning charge will be added to your invoice. -Move any potted plants and/or decor that is in the general area of the cleaning. Items we are not liable for: –House washing- If you opted to not get your house washed and your house is fairly dirty—there is always a chance there could be some “clean spots” from leaky downspouts/gutters or overspray on windows. –Gutters – Same as house washing—if your gutter exteriors are dirty there could be vertical “clean’ lines in them after a roof cleaning. –Plants/Trees/Shrubs/Grass- We take every reasonable precaution that we can with plants. There are occasions plants can get “burnt” from a roof cleaning. These plants usually bounce back but can take time—On a rare occasion could die. We are not responsible for damaged plants!

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  • Ocala, FL, USA


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